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Welcome to the College of Science!

Never before in human history have the frontiers of science advanced in a more relentless pace. The latest scientific advances only make more urgent, rather than less, the need for developing future leaders who are scientifically informed, broadly educated, and capable of making value-based decision to harness the power of science in service of humanity.

The tradition of Science at Benedictine is really the story of generations of men and women with a passion for teaching and research, who delight in sharing not only ideas, but also their lives with their students. For nearly a century, the Science faculty at Benedictine University has prepared its students to lead lives of meaning, purpose and distinction. The Science Programs at Benedictine have long been recognized as a significant source of graduates who continue their education for advanced degrees in science and professional graduate programs. Empowered by a value-centered Benedictine science education that emphasizes hands-on scientific exploration and discovery, our alumni have gone on to realize their professional potential, build stellar careers and bring their talents to bear on our society’s most pressing needs.

ASIANetworkDr. Cheryl Heinz (Biological Sciences) with Kyle, Firdous, Bichnu, Lesa, and Siva. This is in the alumni room at Shenyang Architectural University, who hosted them the week of June 1. Follow their journey!

Monica TischlerDr. Monica Tischler (Biological Sciences) - The Small World Initiative was featured at the President’s Forum at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology which took place from May 17-20 in Boston. Dr. Tischler was featured on a poster with her contributions as a pilot partner in this exciting initiative integrating authentic research to crowd source antibiotic discovery in undergraduate classes.