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Practicum/Clinical Experiences

Students pursuing a health science major may earn credit hours during their junior or senior years observing in a department of a hospital, medically-oriented industry or private practices, where they are assigned to clinical preceptors by the Benedictine University director of Pre-Professional Health Programs. Written reports of your experiences will be reviewed by the director at frequencies of mutual agreement. Through this, you may relate academic materials to your applications in the clinic, and determine through immediate contact with your chosen field whether you want to continue in them. These practica do not ensure clinical certification.



Submit on or after: April 7, 2015

(Do not submit before April 7)

Last day to submit application: April 22, 2015

Once the application has been submitted, stop by Ms. Sima's office to set up an appointment for an interview.

Final decisions will be made April 29, 2015 for Summer & Fall 2015 Practicums.

Pre-Requisites for Practicum

  1. GPA = 3.4 or better EFFECTIVE SPRING 2012

  2. Anatomy &/or Physiology completed

  3. CPR Certified

  4. At time of application (not including current semester) 30 credit hours completed at Benedictine University.

  5. The below items are NOT needed during the application process but are REQUIRED to start the practicum once accepted.

  6. Do you have the three shots of the Hepatitis B? REPORT NECESSARY

  7. TB Skin test must be done annually. Go to your local Public Health Department to have the TB test done (ASAP). Have a report given to you once your results are in.

  8. Criminal Background Check required. Go to your local police department for fingerprinting. Submit to Illinois State Police for the report. WE DO NOT WANT THE FINGERPRINTS HERE.

  9. Consent of Alice Sima, Director Pre-Professional Health Programs.