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Rausch Endowment


This endowment was established by alumni, colleagues, family and friends of Dr. David Rausch, Professor Emeritus, in recognition of 40 years (1966-2006) of outstanding teaching, research, advising and mentoring undergraduate students at St. Procopius College / Illinois Benedictine College / Benedictine University.

The endowment fund is a resource for the Chemistry Department to draw on for significant program needs that are not covered in the department's regular budget. The intention is that this will be a fund that will exist in perpetuity and be used to fund:

  • Faculty/Undergraduate Student Research Projects (which may include student research stipends)
  • The purchase of major chemical instruments (requirements of matching grants is given a priority)
The goal is to fund the endowment at $500,000 within five years.


Solicitation Recognition

A plaque was designed and purchased by the Rausch Family to honor Dr. Rausch, explain the endowment and recognize the contributors by the level of participation. A permanent magnetic plate will be inscribed with the donor's name and graduation date (if applicable) and positioned in the appropriate category below as contributions are made. The plate being magnetic and can be easily adjusted as additional contributions are received.

  • C (Carbon): $50,000
  • Pt (Platinum): $15,000
  • Au (Gold): $5,000
  • Ag (Silver): $1,000

The total pledge can be donated up front or spread over a five-year period. The goal is to identify six donors for the C category, fifteen donors for the Pt categories, twenty four donors in the Au category and over one hundred donors in the Ag category.

For questions regarding the Rausch Endowment Fund or to make a contribution, please contact Pat Ariano at 630-829-6003 or